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Does anybody like working 9 to 5? Getting out of bed and to the office by eight or nine in the morning. Staying until five/Six. Five days a week. With two rest days. Then back at it again. Every week.

Do we really like that?

Because we have a tendency to positive do complain regarding it heaps. It’s embedded within the language we have a tendency to use around associate workplace and once talking regarding offices. We see it stamped on oversized coffee mugs and repeated endlessly in movies and TV shows.

Everybody hates Mondays. Wednesday Hump Day. TGIF. And what regarding staying within the workplace for eight or nine hours straight? Given that the “Afternoon Slump” is a thing, I’d say there are people who find it challenging.

Working 9 to 5 -
Happy Hours 9 to 5

The world splitting into two tribes of workers..

On the one side, working 9 to 5’ers – salary slaves who have to sell their souls just to keep treading water. On the other, business owners and the self-employed – people who work for themselves, from anywhere, and take control of their time and life. If you had a alternative, which would you choose?

I believe there is much more than working 9 to 5 thing. Work is something which we love doing all the time and that makes us happy. Something that creates value and makes a difference. Something that makes life extraordinary. Work is dedication.

So why do we still accept this working 9 to 5?

First of all, it’s now 8-to-5 or 9 to 6, though that can depend on where you live and work. The short answer to why we still accept it, is because we’re socialized to. We’ve become thus wont to seeing individual hating Mondays, living for Fridays, and despising early mornings that it has all become normal. We expect a typical work schedule to be a trouble, and then once it’s, when it is, we think nothing of it.

And whereas there is also masses to dislike regarding the 8-to-5 workday, it would be hard to argue it’s all bad.

The original 8-hour work day was projected to form a balance of kinds. In a day of 24 hours, the idea was that a balanced life should have eight hours to sleep, eight hours to work, and eight hours for recreation. There’s positively one thing to be aforementioned for having a group time to figure and a group time to prevent operating and do one thing else.

While technology offers us all bigger freedom from our desks, it also shackles us more tightly to our jobs. With a such a lot work currently being email-based, and so many companies now using cloud computing instead of traditional servers, it’s harder than ever to actually “leave the office.”

Since technology is here to stay, it will fall to managers and employees to work out workplace boundaries and expectations regarding when work should begin and end.

It’s obsolete

Working 9 to 5 isn’t a state of nature for many folks. Sure, there square measure who love the routine of planning to work and disbursal consequent eight hours at a table, but others – usually labelled “creative” types – can feel over-involved and inhibited by this level of routine.

Humans aren’t robots, we don’t plug in and perform at the same rate of output for eight hours straight. Our energy comes in peaks and troughs.

Why not work when we’re most productive, not when a job demands it?

Have you ever shown up to the office at 9 a.m. on the dot, knowing that you wouldn’t be in a productive mindset until at least 11 a.m.? Or, have you arrived on time with the mindset that you’d already wasted your most productive hours that morning, eating breakfast and drinking coffee until it was finally time to leave for the office?

Every professional works best at a certain time, and it’s clear that a one-size-fits-all schedule like a 9 to 5 doesn’t actually work for everyone. Sure, there will be some overlap between every employee’s most productive time and the traditional workday, but wouldn’t it be better for the business if everyone was able to focus on their deliverable when they were the most focused?

As an employee, it’s up to you to make sure that you’re meeting deadlines and hitting your goals, but the ability to live a flexible lifestyle will actually help you achieve those to-do’s in less time and work on the other areas of your life that you’re passionate about.

Kill the routine before it kills you

Steve Jobs once said: – “Remembering that you that you simply reaching to die is that the best means i do know to avoid the lure of thinking you have got one thing to lose.”

Can you work for a company when you know you always wanted to create your own? You will always remain unhappy. A part of you will always cry. And you won’t be satisfied ever.


People are found much happier when they’re living where they want and spending their time doing things they’re passionate about. As a digital wanderer, you can architect the life you want.

I’m not against working 9 to 5 schedule or the people into it. I’m against people who assume this can be what work is!

The main aim of working is making yourself and your life better, happier and more adventurous.

If it isn’t happening, you are not working…. just surviving!!

Think over it!!!!




Written by Hayyaa
I am an Indian blogger who love to travel and bringing you my favorite things from Lifestyle to Food and Travel I plan on covering just about everything that I love. (why limit myself right?)