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Summer is here and we’re all stuck inside. WE ARE LIVING in very weird times. It’s been a touch over two month since we’ve all been asked to follow social distancing and quarantine in our homes. Yeah, it sucks, however we’re staying in anyway. Social distancing is our biggest weapon in combating the unfold of COVID-19. It’s a troublesome time for the complete world, however we now have a golden chance to focus on each other and pay precious time with those that who matter most and things to do to Quarantine and Chill.🍿

Quarantine life isn’t that dangerous as long as you have got the necessities and a quick internet connection. And a listing of things to do. Not look Netflix or binge-watching TV shows—most folks do this already—but things to try to do that are fun, free, and perhaps a touch helpful, too. 

Check out list of things to do to quarantine and chill🍿


Yes, yes, exercise. While we are all different, doctors usually advise individuls to exercise half hour each day, five days every week. Can’t move to the gym?🏋️‍♀️ Cycle 🚴‍♀️, and do calf extensions on the steps, and pushups and planks like there’s no tomorrow.

If yoga 🧘‍♀️ are somethings that interests you, begin your day with yoga that has multiple edges like decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, promoting higher sleep quality, and increasing strength. A great way to keep each your mind and body healthy without equipment is active yoga.  Some are as short as 8 minutes, some span over an hour – you’ll be able to find whatever is perfect for you. There are multiple online classes you’ll be able to be part of or straightforward checkout on YouTube.

Things to do to Quarantine and Chill -Hayyaahere
Yoga Time!!

Explore the world from home

Did you recognize you’ll be able to do virtual tours of a number of the foremost renowned zoos and museums? Museums across the world 🌏 are creating themselves accessible virtually just about because of partnerships with the Google Arts & Culture project. There are such a lot of exciting choices to find out one thing new, return a favorite exhibit, and help get the children Fascinated by art, history, and animals. From Egyptology and dinosaurs to classical and fashionable art, virtual tours of first establishments like Paris’s Musée d’Orsay, New York’s Guggenheim Museum, Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and far a lot of offer a unique outlet for the entire family to learn together about our amazing world. The British Museum has its own, special website that you simply don’t wish to miss! 

Source : Google
Source Google
Source Google

Game night—every night!

Families and friends who are living together can enjoy some mischievous competition with classic card games ♠️♥️, like Phase 10, Skip Bo, and Uno. You’ll be able to conjointly play favorite board games like Monopoly and Ludo🎲 or try out new! Video games 🎮 are also fun to play. Whether or not you’re into traditional board games or card games, every night can be loads of fun!

Virtual games are a good possibility with the present need for social distancing. Enjoy the interactive game of Ludo that enables you to play with others around your city or the world! There are many more game options you’ll be able to check out in google play.

Things to do to Quarantine and Chill -Hayyaahere
Card Play Time with Sista!!
Things to do to Quarantine and Chill -Hayyaahere
Stay & Play 🎮// Couples that play together stay together 😜
Things to do to Quarantine and Chill Hayyaahere
Things to do to Quarantine and Chill


Read five books 📚 that you’ve supposed to however simply didn’t have time. There’s enough time now. Just don’t break your reading glasses, unless you have got a backup pair. Conjointly there are loads of ways to read books for online without leaving your house like Storytel. Check out blog.

Things to do to Quarantine and Chill
Read. Read. Read

Make it a DIY Spa day

Of all of the things to try to do at home, taking it slow to unwind has to be at the top of your list. This is often a very important time to lower your stress levels and take time for self-care. Create a home spa in your bathroom: fix a bubble bath🛀, light some candles🕯️, play soft music🎵, drink a glass of wine🍷, read a magazine📖 and simply relax. For a bit of pampering, you can create luxurious DIY products you’ll love with what you have already got at home! Whether or not you’re into hair masks, face masks, or aromatherapy, etc. there are plenty of recipes for easy DIY online.

Self Care Time- Hayyaahere
Self-Care Time
Things to do to Quarantine and Chill Hayyaa here
One day at a time.

Make some “quaran-tinis”

Make your own custom cocktail and craft brew flights, or attempt some blind wine tasting. If you’ve always wanted to try to form your own version of that margarita you had on vacation, now is the time! Attempt a number of recipes for a few exciting, tropical flavors that may transport you straight into paradise. Take it a step any with a virtual happy hour, and host an online hangout together with your friends. Cheers!🍷

Things to do to Quarantine and Chill - Hayyaa Here
Happy hour! Time for a quaran-tini

Become a chef (Learn to cook)

One among the most important things I’m learning about life in quarantine is how much I rely on the people around me. Social distancing means most, of our meals are made at home, therefore now is the right time to learn to cook🍳👩‍🍳, learn new recipes, or improve your cookery skills.  YouTube is that initial place you should flip as there are endless channels full of chefs who will not only teach you but entertain you.

Make a great YouTube recipe reality and create a meal to be pleased with. Learning a way to cook is amazing fun and relaxing, currently that I don’t have a choice but to try. It’s a decent plan to stock up on pasta, rice, vegetables, and spices in order that a lot of recipes are within reach.

Get creative

Drawing, painting, DIY, sewing, music… no matter your creative jam is, now is the time to follow and realize joy in your hobbies!🎨🎀 You’ll be able to conjointly beautify your home with DIY stuff. You’ll find loads of fun ideas on Pinterest once it involves making cost-effective items for home decoration. Make some DIY projects 🖼️ using what you already have got at home. But, some of them do take time. As currently you have got all the time in the world, why to not to use these quirky DIY tips and revamp your home areas.

Simply don’t go overboard, or else you would find yourself not recognizing your home by the end of the #quarantine period.

Things to do to Quarantine and Chill
Destination: isolation

Phone a friend or have a video chat

It is quite tradition that you are working from home while in lockdown, however there is still most time that you will be spending with your family at the end of the day. Many of us are missing family and friends throughout this point. And whereas we have to socially distance ourselves physically, it doesn’t mean you can’t call your loved ones! As if you required an invitation, ha! It’s called ‘quarantine and chill’🍿 for a reason. Host video calls together with your gang to share gossip and shoot the breeze—it’s the simplest way to beat those isolation blues.

It is also a good time to get in touch with your friends. I’m recommending that you simply call, text, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom somebody you haven’t spoken to in a while.

In Video Call: Yaashee, Kaira, Kinjal, Nikita, Tej, Hanish..my Close ones ❤️


Take it slow to finally get a gardening project going! Simply because you have got to stay indoors doesn’t mean you can’t started on your gardening. This is often a fun family activity that may be educational and within the long run—delicious. Bring the outdoors in by sprouting seeds or planting a container garden. Gardening is one amongst the best things to try do at home that helps you to relax, get creative, and feel a sense of reward. Bonus: You can use your fresh herbs in your amazing dishes you’re learning to cook.

Things to do to Quarantine and chill-hayyaahere
Plant Lady!!

Take online courses

Learning one thing new can be fun, and in several cases, fully free! Platforms like Coursera already offer thousands of free online courses from top universities, but you can always choose to learn something that excites you—even if it is not a work-related talent. Khan Academy, that was originally created by Salam Khan as the way to assist his cousins with their homework, will teach you anything from elementary school math to art history. Khan Academy utilizes videos, articles, and quizzes to help you master your topic. Rope in a friend that shares constant interests therefore you’ll be able to learn along and double the fun!

Watch a movie

Offer yourself a much-needed break from all the craziness out there and curl up on the couch with one amongst these feel-good and wanderlust-worthy films this weekend📺. Some of our top picks include “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”  “Queen” or “Dil Chahta Hai”— but there are many classic flicks and television series to settle on from.

Movie Time: Zindigi Na Milegi Dobara

We understand that these are hard times for each one of us. But, it is for our smart and safety that we have to stay indoors. But, one cannot keep in isolation for long by sitting idle. I hope some of these self-quarantine activities would help you get-out off stress and anxiety. On that note, #KeepCalm & #QuarantineOn

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  1. Haayee meri jaan, kya baat hai , so when are u inviting me for lunch made by you spcifically.
    Hope this ends soonnn , miss you😘💞

    • Hayyaa some of your tips are really fascinating!! Like virtual visit to an amazing theme parks. And yes thanks for your initiative for doing video call once’s a week so we can stay connected during dis pandemic time by maintaining SD

  2. My story- During the pandemic i really focused on my skin care routine. I’ve came across with the conclusion on skin care is “Go Organic”. I’ve switched all my chemical skin care and cosmetic into Natural and Organic. And trust me hayyaa it helped my skin a lot.


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