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Hi Chaps!!

The coronavirus outbreak has changed life for all of us in many ways. Numerous countries are in lockdown, with hundreds of thousands of people in quarantine and self-isolation. Many of you will be spending way more time at home over the upcoming few weeks. I will too, and I know that it’s not easy. So far, it is the only way to limit the spread of the virus and to keep us all safe. The sooner and the better we self-isolate, the quicker COVID-19 will stop spreading and the faster will we be back outside.

The only issue is, for us bloggers, social-distancing drastically limits our opportunities to create content. Street Photo-shooting is not an “essential business”, so we have to stay in. Thus, we have to be a bit more creative with our content creation and be on the lookout for some good Indoor Photoshoot Ideas.

Shooting indoors is tough. Let’s be honest straight away. It is a great way to create content and an amazing way to fill your time during self-isolation. However, it is true that it is harder that shooting outside. To me at least. I do believe that finding indoor photoshoot ideas require more creativity than street style shooting. Why? Because, as far as I am concerned, I do not have equipment, props nor huge space. Thus, I had to learn to do with what I have. So, how did I do?

The first thing to do in my opinion is to do your research and save it. Then, I needed to find a way to self-photoshoot.  I will share my ideas with you, and they will help us to stay creative and expand our knowledge and skills. And ultimately, to survive self-isolation or quarantine

Now, let’s dive into those indoor photoshoot ideas.

Lets be Creative

Remember you’re a work of ART.

Indoor Photoshoot Ideas -Hayyaahere
Let be creative  -Hayyaahere
Creative Photoshoot -Hayyaa

Some Fun Photos

Bed Room Photoshoot
Breakfast on bed -Photoshoot- Hayyaahere

Bath Tub Photography

Bath Tub - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas
Bath Tub - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas
BathTub Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

Self Care & Mirror

Me time -Indoor Photoshoot Ideas
Selfcare - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas
Mirror Photo- Indoor Photoshoot Ideas


Play Game - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas
PlayTime - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas
Playing Crads - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

Netflix & Chill

Netflix & Chill - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

Some with Pets

It’s a good idea to photograph pets in their preferred spots or enjoying a much-loved pastime. To capture a pet’s character, you can ask yourself what is unique about your pet and try to capture that uniqueness on camera.

Play with pets - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

Indoor Plants

If the weather’s too crappy to be out in nature, find some nature indoors! 

Plants -Indoor Photoshoot Ideas
With plants - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas
with Indoor Plants - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

Living Room Ideas

If your living room or any other room in your home has great natural light, you can definitely set up your studio there and shoot some amazing photos. Also you can do photoshoot on Couch, on floor, and depending on space you have.

Living Room - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas
Livingroom - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

Blah Blah Blah!

No vintage phone? No problem. This idea can be executed with an Mobile, or even a landline if you still have one!

Vintage Phone - Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

There you go babes, easy indoor photoshoot ideas you can try, minimal props required! I hope everyone is staying safe out there, and until next time!

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