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Wearing BLACK is a lifestyle

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Hello all,

Black is, without a doubt, my absolute favourite color to wear. It’s easy, sexy and cool all at the same time.

Unlike white, there’s no rules and regulations about when and where and what time of year you can wear black clothing.

There is a percentage of people here, including myself, who really do only wear black clothing.

It has been a running joke for years now amongst friends, family and co-workers that I must truly have an all-black wardrobe. And guess what? That is very true! As someone who has only bought and worn black clothing (with the exception of the times) for around a decade, here are some of the reasons to wear all black, all day, every day.

1. It’s No Fuss and Always Fashionable

Is there really any color that truly embodies style and sophistication other than black? I didn’t think so either. The most stress-free and simple way to put together an outfit–whether you’re rushing to class, working in the morning, or running late to your dinner plans–is to put on some black attire.

2. Outfits Seamlessly Transition from Day to Night

Of course, certain types of garments are most suited for certain occasions and different times of the day. However, all black outfits are the most versatile in this department. While I’m not suggesting that it is necessarily socially acceptable to wear a cocktail dress to class or to wear denim cutoff shorts to a fancy restaurant just because these pieces happen to be black, there is more leeway with an all-black ensemble. Whether you are slightly “underdressed” or “overdressed” for a certain event, an all-black mitigates the formality of your outfit. This color always has you covered.

3. The Stain will Barely Show

Nothing is worse than spilling some coffee or food on one of your favorite dresses or pair of jeans. Well, that is, if you’re not wearing black. Arguably one of the best reasons to wear black is so you never have to worry about stains again. Sometimes wearing all black feels life-changing purely for this reason.

4. It’s Slimming

Need I say more? But seriously, it is always a great feeling to have outfits that make your overall presence seem more sleek and streamlined. While, of course, everyone’s body looks great just the way it is, leaning out and lengthening your look always feel empowering. This way of dressing instantly makes you look trim and timeless.

5. Black Builds Confidence

You better believe it, because this has been proven. Even though what we wear should not dictate our levels of self-esteem, our clothes definitely help build up our self-confidence. Putting on an outfit that makes you feel good will always make your day so much better. Especially for those occasions when you need a boost of confidence, such as for a job interview or a first date, wear black to feel more empowered and to be perceived as more confident. Your personality will most definitely shine through, so have a killer outfit that complements it!

So, my wardrobe will continue to pretty much even though everyone else thinks I need to spice up with some popping colors, I’m living happily, sexy and mysteriously in my black on black attire.

Go easy and effortless, of course you want to feel and look pretty, but be natural and you, that’s your best self!



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