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Brussels is the beautiful capital city of Belgium. It’s also the capital of comic books fries, beer, waffles, and of course, chocolate! So, Spend a day in Brussels, Belgium eating and Drinking.

During our vacation, my husband and I took a day trip from Paris to Brussels. Belgium had been on my bucket list! It was onerous to settle on between all the attractive Belgian cities. Bruges was extremely suggested, but since we only had a day to spend in Belgium, we chose Brussels. It was a closer by train and as well as by bus. I bought our bus tickets in advance online for the Eurostar that goes between Gard Du Nord in Paris to Brussels Belgium. On arrival, we took a short 15 minutes taxi ride tour hotel.

While coming up with out 24 hours in Brussels, two things kept coming up – food and beer. I will be honest – I went to Brussels to eat and for my husband to drink brewage. I am a chocoholic, I love Belgian waffles and “French fries”. Although we did do a hop on/hop off bus tour around the city, we were eager to return to The Grand Place to sample all the delicious Belgium cuisine. There is no shortage of cafes and shops to choose from in Brussels. However, I will share with you where we spent a day in Brussels eating and drinking!

The Grand Place in Brussels Belgium has several outdoor cafes.
The Grand Place in Brussels Belgium has several outdoor cafes.

Brussels is a relatively small city, so it’s very possible to see it all in one day. So, here’s how to spend 24 hours in Brussels, Belgium.

Where to Stay in Brussels

The city has lots of different types of accommodation. From budget to luxury, the options are all pretty special.

Novotel:  We stayed here, simply designed and great for families, Novotel is a comfortable place to lay your head during your stay in Brussels.

NH Brussels Louise: This midrange hotel could be are freshfully trendy and up to date place to remain. NH has all the necessities and is about a twenty-minute walk from the Grand Palace.

Hotel Sofitel Brussels: Treat yourself to a luxurious stay at the five-star Hotel Sofitel. Here you will experience French contemporary design and top-notch service.

Meininger Hostel: This is a great budget option in a good location right on the edge of the city. Meininger is an easy ten-minute walk or five-minute tram ride to the city center. The hostel offers different room options ranging from shared mixed dorms to private rooms. Furthermore, It is very clean, and it has a friendly staff and opportunities to be social if you are visiting solo.

Budget Tip: Meininger has hotels all over Europe, and you get a discount after you have stayed at one, so be sure to book again.

Novotel Hotel - Brussels Belguim
Novotel Hotel – Brussels, Belgium

Where to Eat in Brussels

Chocolate, waffles, fries, and beer… the four main food groups of Brussels! You can find these delicacies all over the city, but here are some of the best.

Chez Leon: This family-owned restaurant opened in 1893 and that is the gem of Brussels. For below fifteen euro, you can try the best of traditional Brussels cuisine (the mussels are a must-try).

Peck 47: A cozy café with delicious sweet and savory options for brunch. Peck 47 is most known for its savory waffles and steaming hot lattes.

Café Delirium: When it comes to a night out, Café Delirium is the place to be. This multilevel, multi-building bar offers more than three thousand beers. A world record!

Belgium Fries, Belgium Frites, Pommes Frites, Frites:

If you love “French fries” as much as I do, you will be fascinated to know that many people give credit of this dish to Belgium. It is an ongoing debate as to when and where this dish was created. One theory is that fries were created in Belgium but American soldiers during World War I called them “French fries” because they thought they were in France. But, let us all just be happy that someone did invent them! We tend to dip them in ketchup but in other countries toppings such as mayonnaise and vinegar are used. Hence, they are served in a large cardboard cone and topped with the sauce of your choice. Most of the sauces are mayonnaise based, which I am a fan of and they taste even more better!

You can’t go to Belgium without getting some frites! The best places to find them are from the stands on the streets. They are all over, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

I spotted people queueing for some food. Now I have a rule of thumb when I’m in a place I know little about. If there’s a queue of locals waiting for food, then that’s where I’m going. The place was Fritland.

Belgium Fries - Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium.. eating & drinking
Famous for Fries
Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium.. eating & drinking
Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium Eating & Drinking


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Belgium Chocolate! In Brussels, there is a chocolate shop on every corner. Any of them is a good choice, but there are some that stand out.

Belgium chocolates- Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium.. eating & drinking
chunks of chocolate goodness everywhere!
enjoy some Manneken Pis chocolates
enjoy some Manneken Pis chocolates

Belgium Beer:

As most of my readers know, I am a wine drinker vs a beer drinker. But, I couldn’t go 24 hours in Brussels while not making an attempt a beer! Beer in Belgium is a lifestyle. I read that in 2016 UNESCO added it to their “Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists”. I have actually never heard of this! There are over 1500 hundred varieties of beer in Belgium and virtually 200 breweries. Also, the beers range in color from pale to red to black. Similarly, I actually got dizzy reading about all the different types of beer and how they are made. You may also get overwhelmed opening up a menu at a Belgium restaurant and seeing more beers on the menu than food items!

The most common style of beer in Belgium is pale lager or “pils” beers. The brand Stella Artois originated in Belgium and is an example of this type of beer. Similarly, wheat beer is from the Flemish part of Belgium. Have you heard of the term “hops”? It is a flavoring used in this type of beer. There are also blonde beers and amber ales and Lambic beers. Fruit beers are made from a mixture of fruits and Lambic beer. I could honestly keep going but I would never finish this post! I decided to try “Lindemans Apple Lambic Beer”. Oh my! It was frothy and delicious! I would also recommend making a stop at “Poechenellekelder” restaurant located at Rue Du Chene, 5 to sample Belgium beers. They have a large outdoor patio located right across from the Manneken Pis statue. It was a great place for people watching!

Brussels one of the famous restaurant - Poechenellekelder

Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium.. eating & drinking

Belgium waffles:

While in Belgium i used to be shocked to find out that they eat waffles as desserts vs. as a breakfast meal. Belgian waffles were invented in Brussels. However, whereas in Belgium you may notice each the “Brussels waffle” and also the “Liege waffle”. Brussels waffles are rectangular in shape, light, crispy and are usually served topped with powdered sugar. While, Liege waffles are more dense and sweeter. Sugar is added to the batter which caramelizes when they are cooked. They also have irregular edges. Waffles may be topped with chocolate syrup, whip cream, ice cream and fruit but not maple syrup!

My husband and I both tried the liege waffles. I also made a stop at “le Funambule” based on the colorful waffle displays they had in their window! I couldn’t decide on toppings so I picked 3 of them! Belgium chocolate, vanilla ice cream and strawberries. It was to die for! Really. I have never had a waffle that tasted so good. I ate it all! Similarly, My husband chose to have a waffle from the famous “Maison Dandoy”. There are at least two locations around The Grand Place. He additionally enjoyed his Belgium waffle and ate each bite! There are at least two locations around The Grand Place. He also enjoyed his Belgium waffle and ate every bite!

Belgium Waffles - Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium.. eating & drinking
Yummy Waffles
Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium Eating & Drinking

What to Do in Brussels

Even if you have no plans and you just wander around the city, you are bound to come across some of the main highlights.

Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium.. eating & drinking

Comic Strip Walls: Brussels is the birthplace of iconic comics like the Smurfs and Tintin. In honor of these and many others, you will find comic strip murals all over the city. Start at the Comic Book Centre, and make your way around the comic book route to try to catch them all.

Comic Strip Walls

See the Statues: Hidden throughout the city are some iconic little statues that you have to see to believe. There are three in total, and they have something special in common; Mannekin Pis, Zinneke Pis, and Jeanneke-Pis. You will undoubtedly pass all three as you walk around the city, but be sure to keep your eyes open or you might miss one.

Mannekin Pis- some iconic little statues
Mannekin Pis
some iconic little statues
Famous Pis Statue – Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium

Walk Around the Grand-Place: The Grand-Place is the stunning center of the city. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been the home to countless historical events.

Grand Palace Brussels, Belgium
Grand Palace – Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium Eating & Drinking
Grand Palace Brussels, Belgium
Grand palace
Grand Palace Brussels, Belgium
Spend A Day In Brussels Belgium

I hope you have enjoyed this culinary tour through Brussels Belgium! If you plan on spending 24 hours in Brussels I highly recommend trying all of these foods and beer. Arrive hungry (lol) Have you been to Brussels? If so share your thoughts with us below!

Written by Hayyaa
I am an Indian blogger who love to travel and bringing you my favorite things from Lifestyle to Food and Travel I plan on covering just about everything that I love. (why limit myself right?)