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FAB Smellin’ Plum Body Mist

Hey Everyone!  Welcome back .. Hope you all are safe. I totally agree with the statement ‘When somebody smells decent, it makes them more attractive!’ Who doesn’t love to smell good? A wonderful smell...

Things To Do To Quarantine And Chill

Hello People, Summer is here and we’re all stuck inside. WE ARE LIVING in very weird times. It's been a touch over two month since we've all been asked to follow...

Indoor Photoshoot Ideas During Self-Isolation

Hi Chaps!! The coronavirus outbreak has modified life for all of us in many ways. Various countries are in lockdown, with hundreds of thousands of individual in quarantine and self-isolation. Serval of you may...

Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water |Review

Hello People, This Pond’s Vitamins Micellar Water was quite an surprise. I mean, I do understand they’re a skincare brand however I never really thought that they would be a part...

Pondicherry–A Little France in India

  Pondicherry is a beautiful destination often referred to as the "French capital of India," and it's definitely worth considering for your travel plans. This charming town has a strong French influence,...